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De cross listing sections

Question asked by Ann-Marie Burke on Sep 4, 2017

I have a problem in Canvas.  It has to do with cross linking a course.  I have two sections of the same course (BIOL) and wanted to cross link them.  I made changes to the Canvas course modules in one section (BIOL A) but not the other (BIOL B).  Then I cross linked the Canvas course I had made changes in (BIOL A)with the one I did not (BIOL B).  I can never remember which to cross link to which to maintain changes I have made in one. Now the one site that shows up for both sections has none of the changes in it that I made for BIOL A.  I tried to decross list both courses but the option does not show up in either sections.  Can you help with this?  I suppose in the future I will cross list first, then make changes.