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Group self-signup in an assignment not showing up in modules (Solved)

Discussion created by Jeff Herring on Sep 6, 2017

This is more of a FYI in case other Canvas noobies fall into the same trap I laid for my self. (For you seasoned Canvas vets, to quote Storm Trooper TK-3268 "This isn't the thread you're looking for.. move along. move along.") 


Problem: I teach a blended/hybrid class and needed my students to break up into groups for a couple of days when they came to class the next week. I wanted to give them the opportunity to choose when they wanted to come to class for the group days. So I created an assignment to get students to sign up for a group so that they would come into class at that group's assigned time and posted it in a Module. In the assignment I had created four groups with self signups. 

The problem was that students couldn't see the assignment in the Modules section. 


It was because the assignment/module  was set up that you couldn't see it unless you were in a group. 

It was a catch-22 they needed to see the assignment in order to do the group sign up.(I realize that they do the group sign ups on the people's page but I had instructions on the assignment page that I wanted them to follow. I also had buttons linked to the signup page within the assignment.) They couldn't see the assignment unless they were already in a group. 


Every time I tried to test it out with the student view I couldn't see the assignment myself because I thought it was that the student view couldn't join groups.  I could see it in my normal view and at first didn't think anything was wrong until I tried to test it out later. 


After a few chat support sessions I finally figured out the solution. ALSO ASSIGN THE GROUP TO "EVERYONE" (Or maybe just that course's section)


Solution:In addition to the groups add an "Everyone"  to the assign fields as well with NO due date. 


 (It'll show up as "Everyone else" when you save it) 




If you're using the "available - until" feature make sure its time span encompasses  that of all the groups. 


Since my groups were Sept 7th through Sept 12th My "Everyone else" was set up until the date/time of the last group.


Here's my final setup for the assignment

Now my students can see the assignment with everything I needed them to know before signing up. 


Hope it helps.