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Help with course grade setup

Question asked by Teeka James on Sep 4, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by James Jones

In the past, I've done grades by hand (using a spreadsheet) and have used a penalty model (long story). The course would have five units, each worth a set percentage of the course. The homework leading up to the grade for each unit was "assumed" complete and not graded. However, if not all the homework was completed, the student lost points off the score on the unit's capstone assignment. For example . . .


UnitCapstoneHomework (max penalty -10%)Practice (max penalty -5%)Points earnedPenaltiesFinal


100-10-585 (B)-679 (C+)
2150-15-7.5143 (A)-10.5132 (B+)
3300-30-15240 (B-)0240 (B)
4300-30-15249 (B-)-15234 (C+)
5150-15-7.597.5 (D)097.5 (D)
Totals1000-100-50814.5 (B-)-31.5782.5 (C+)


My students are now using Canvas (we are in a face-to-face course, however), and they want to be able to track their progress on the grade page. I want that too. 


My question:

How do I set up the assignments to result in the above system, in which, essentially, the homework is worth a percentage of the SCORE you earn as opposed to the total available points. Does that make sense? Right now, students' grades are very inflated because they haven't yet turned in their first capstone assignment.


(In case I seem super mean, the homework is ALL process-related and graded on a complete/incomplete basis. The student simply has to show up and try to get full points; it should be a slam dunk easy 100%.)


Thank you!