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Content Rating Feedback in Pages

Discussion created by Melissa Childers on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Robert Brown

Has anyone had a need, or attempted, to capture student input on the usefulness/helpfulness of content delivered within a structured module using pages?


The course I am currently working on is part two of a graduate data analytics course. The course is inherently complex and the modules are structured in three parts. First, the instructor lays the theoretical background through lecture video, text, and with additional web periodicals where professionals discuss the various challenges. Then, he breaks down the processes one by one through text direction and demonstration videos. He incorporates sample files which allow students to follow along if they choose. Finally, students dive into an assignment which asks they apply what they have learned through the reading and the examples mentioned previously. 


Having taught the first part of this two-part study several semesters now, he is looking to identify the quality of the demonstrations and examples he is providing. Student performance varies along a standard curve and students come into these courses with a wide range of previous ability. 


In a dream world, there would be a way for students to mark pages as helpful. Has anyone attempted to do this and how? The content is already so intensive adding additional feedback surveys into each module isn't reasonable.


Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.