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Student's names greyed out in SpeedGrader, anonymous grading is required?

Question asked by Michael Porterfield on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by Anthony Bunag


I am helping a faculty member and here is her problem in short, when she is in her Spanish 2101 class, she can see the student’s names when she is using speedgrade. But in her Spanish 1001 it just says Student 1, student 2, etc. She wants to be able to see the student’s names in in Spanish 1001 in the SpeedGrader.


The assignment that this is occurring is using the assignment tool in which the students are turning in a Word document. When she is in SpeedGrader for her Spanish 1001 and licks the gear for the Speedgrader options, the Hide student names is greyed out; therefore, she can’t uncheck it. She states, “If I hover over the little symbol ¡ that is there, it says Student names are hidden because anonymous grading is required.”


She wants to see the Spanish 1001 student’s names in StudentGrader, does anyone have a solution for her?


From a grateful instructional designer working with a desperate instructor.


Thanks, Michael Porterfield