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Question asked by Amy Kadilak on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2017 by Jayde Colquhoun

Questions regarding quizzes -


First- I want my students to be able to correct their wrong answers on quizzes. Is this possible without them having to enter all of their other answers also? Like for instance, I have it set up so that they can see their right and wrong answers but it doesn't tell them what the correct answer is. So hypothetically a student gets all questions right except one. Is there a way they can only change/correct that one rather than having to re-do all of the other questions?


Second- What are the chances that I can upload a PDF of a quiz and then embed boxes for answers on the PDF rather than typing all of my questions individually?


Third- If I have a multi-part problem, when it is graded, can I make it so that the students can see which part of the problem they got wrong? Currently it just says "Partially Correct" but won't let them see which was correct and which was incorrect.


Thanks so much! New to canvas and trying to get this figured out while keeping my sanity with the stresses of a new year and curriculum.