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Tasks not being marked as complete

Question asked by Hannah Mundt on Sep 10, 2017
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I am a student having an issue progressing through a given module based on prerequisites in the module that need to be completed. Despite submitting assignments, opening links, and watching videos to completion, only the first task in the module is marked as "complete." I have tried on multiple browsers, but am hoping to work in Safari on my MacBook. Everything appears to be in order (everything is up to date, cookies are enabled, pop ups aren't blocked) but still despite the order and the number of times I click links to "complete" tasks, nothing moves forward. I cannot override opening these links by selecting the "Mark as Complete" button at the top of the module.


The main issue is I am trying to post in a discussion board that is locked until I completed these tasks. 


Professor is new to Canvas so any tips are helpful.

Thank you!