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How to manually set who does peer review not in their own group using a graded discussion?

Question asked by Kelly Vallandingham on Sep 13, 2017
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Allowing non group members to review another group's work.
We are really struggling with an easy way to do the following:
Have each student (or teams of students) submit an assignment for 1) instructor review (+grade) and then 2) peer interaction based on the assignment, where the instructor then is able to give a second grade on the content/quality of the interaction.
...WITH the option to set the teams/pairs and WITHOUT the need to go in and manually do that after monitoring who has submitted their work.  Open forums with good roadmapping should be sufficient for directing students to their part of submission and discussion -- but then there is no place for the instructor to submit two grades.
I have seen a thread that talks about using collaborations but am not sure how to link them to a graded discussion so that the discussion is then the peer review.  I know I could use manual peer review but instructors don't want to have to constantly check to see if submission was done.
Anyone come up with something that works for this situation?