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Good way to search content within a course?

Question asked by Michelle Lattke Employee on May 20, 2015
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Does anyone have a good way to setup a search feature within a course?  I know that the Files tab has a search feature, but I'm looking more for content pages than files.  Here is the scenario.  We have a curriculum course with hundreds of pages of resources organized by grade level and subject.  A teacher can click through a series of buttons to browse to their desired resource, but the curriculum department wants teaches to be able to search for say "Poetry" and find all the pages on poetry.  I know this is not a built in feature, and I know I can submit a feature request, but I'm looking for an external tool or some other work around/clever idea that would let me do this in the short term.


Ideas I have thought of:

-Create an index page that lists all pages in a table of contents and use the browser search command on that page to locate a page. (downside -- hard to keep up as pages are added over time).

-Make sure pages are named with a clear naming convention and open the pages tab and use the browser search command on that page to locate a page. (downside -- when many pages are present, not all appear until you scroll, so you would not be able to search the ones that do not yet appear on the page using the browser search).


I don't think either of these ideas are particularly good, so I'm hoping that someone out there has an amazing idea for how to do this!


Thanks in advance!


ANOTHER THOUGHT:  Is it possible to use Google Site Search somehow?  I googled this, but couldn't find an answer.  ;-)

I thought maybe there was some custom javascript that could be embedded that would let site search crawl the pages.....anyone? anyone?


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