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Issues with teacher's comment annotations on iPad

Question asked by Tiffany Lo-Finch on Sep 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by Mary Powell

Our students are not able to view the in-document comments that teachers make on their assignments in the iPad app.  Here is what I have found.  Picture of the app and web version are below:

  • Students can see highlighting, pen draws, and strikethrough marks.  They cannot see any typed text comments or typed comments associated with other markings.  Students can see an icon that the teacher made a typed comment (point marker or text bubble), but cannot view the comment.
  • When students try to use Safari to view feedback, the document opens in a very small screen with no option to view full screen.  Students can see text comments there but it is very hard to view in the extremely small window and requires lots of swiping to view the entire document.


Is anyone else experiencing this?  Does anyone a solution?