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Assignments and groups linked

Question asked by Edward Davis on Sep 12, 2017
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Students can see which assignments are due.

Students can see to which groups they belong.


But how do students see which group has been assigned to which assignment?


I have multiple groups and multiple assignments going on at the same time within one course. Students are to work with different teams on different assignments. All of this is set up on my side. All groups are created and members assigned. All assignments are created, and the groups assigned. However, the students are constantly asking me which group they should work with for an assignment.  I have searched high and low to try and find out what a student actually sees when they are in a group or have an assignment that is assigned to a group. I can find plenty of explanations of how a student can find their assignments, and how a student can see their groups, but nothing on how they match an assignment to a group. I have tried to use the "student view." However, as the "test student" can not be assigned to a group, that does not help.