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Fast Communication to ALL CLASSES-ALL STUDENTS

Discussion created by Gary Graves on Sep 16, 2017
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Hi... reaching out for ideas...


Do you of any way via canvas, mygateway or exchange email to:


1. Forward emails from exchange email to ALL MY STUDENTS... and/o


2. Forward an email to some canvas/mygateway account that automatically creates an announcement which posts and notifies students?


The reason I ask this is that this is one way to easily create a Facebook post.  Your Facebook account is assigned an email that you can forward from your email account to and it will automatically create a post and post it to your account.  I love this feature and think it is the easy way to automate posts and announcements.  Wordpress has something similar for creating blog posts too.


I get so many announcements that I would like to share with students but find it time-consuming to download the pdf, convert PDF to graphics, create/copy email text and then post individually to canvas classes to send out.


Seems like there has to be a faster way to do this all in one shot!!  Looking for ideas!