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prevent student from taking a quiz

Question asked by Anne Huebel on Sep 18, 2017
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I gave a quiz for which all students began with 2 attempts.  The exercise was a difficult one and I want to give everyone who completed it another attempt.  However, I have students I would like to block from redoing the assignments because they either a) made no submission (so they have 2 attempts left) or b) submitted the quiz but did not answer any of the questions (most have 1 attempt left).  How do I prevent them from redoing the quiz.  If I re-open it, they still have attempts left and I see no way to remove attempts in the Moderate This Quiz area.  Must I go into quiz setting and manually assign the quiz only to the students I want to be able to access it?  This is cumbersome as it means I have to add the vast majority by hand.  I'm looking for a way to easily block the few who made no effort to begin with.