Preston Bowers

Canvas to PowerSchool grade passback

Discussion created by Preston Bowers on Sep 14, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Jennifer Crawford

We sync with PowerSchool and have rolled out PT Pro. The Canvas support has been working very hard and we believe we are close on the new grade passback. In fact, we are successfully utilizing the new process for our PowerSchool created courses.


One primary problem now is for manually created course shells that have PowerSchool sections crosslisted into them. We cannot get PT Pro categories to import, therefore, we are stuck with regard to grade passback. I realize the manually created courses do not have a SIS ID, but the sections crosslisted into them do.  In some cases, we have online courses using the manual shells with sections crosslisted from multiple schools. If grade passback is not an option, our teachers will face the task of maintaining up to 6 separate gradebooks for each online course.  This worked last year and Canvas support has again identified that a course does not have to have a SIS ID, just the sections.


Is anyone aware of a solution?