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Webview inside canvas doesn't let open the camera (IOs)

Question asked by Daniel Lopez on Sep 14, 2017
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So there's a weird issue inside canvas. I hope the images suffice on what I'm trying to do.


This is a discussion, the discussion have an external link



When I click the external link it goes correctly to the external page (It shows it on a ios webview)

This is a web view. When I click the record button the IOs native camera dialog popups


So far so good. Here's the issue. If I click any of those icons it should open either the camera or the photo library. But it doesn't. Goes back to the discussion


I don't think this is an issue within our application and to prove it I downloaded a webview app tester. With the same link

This opens the page correctly

If I click record I correctly get the dialog


and if I click any of those, the photo library opens or the camera opens


I took a video and after that I get a success, all within a webview


This also fails on Android, so I really think something is wrong with it on Canvas side


Anyone who can help me?