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Why doesn't Canvas flag when a due date is changed in Calendar contrary to the availability dates?

Question asked by David White on Sep 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2017 by Tracey DeLillo

I REALLY like the ability to adjust due dates by dragging and dropping in the Calendar tool. However, I have encountered a problem.  If you have an availability cut-off date set, and you drag something in Calendar to a point AFTER the availability cut-off date, it will change the due date but leave the original availability range untouched.


  •  Example:  I set the availability on my Widget Applications quiz to cut off on September 15, and make the due date the same.  (I don't like late work.) If I later change the due date to September 22 by dragging the quiz in Calendar, it does not change the availability date.  So then I have a quiz that the students literally cannot take, until I go in manually to adjust the availability rage.'


 Have I missed something?  Or is this something that could be explored, either as a flag when you drag an item or an expanded pop-up that offers the ability to change the availability range (and, for that matter, the Display Correct Answers range)?