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Logging in and out affecting total activity time?

Question asked by Lynn Arnold on Sep 17, 2017
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I have an online training in free canvas that consists of short html5 videos embedded in content pages. It takes a total of 2 hours to view all of the videos. The person administering the training uses the course roster total activity column to monitor whether people have spent enough time in the course when they claim to have completed it (and uses the access report to take a closer look when it appears they're cheating by simply clicking on the content page without viewing the full video). Some students have sworn they spent more time in the course than Canvas says they did, and say that they got "booted" out numerous times while viewing the videos. I'm assuming this means they lost their connection--it's likely that they are using old computers with slow internet connections. They're getting upset that their honesty is being questioned. My question is: could getting booted out repeatedly somehow be messing up their total time? Could anything else be happening to make it look like they're spending less time in the course than they actually are?