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Manually unlock a quiz not working.

Question asked by Mr. Alan Parman on Sep 16, 2017
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I am having a similar problem to these two questions...


I have multiple students who cannot access multiple quizzes.  The quizzes have due dates, and until dates, which have passed.  Some of the quizzes had prerequisites, which I have confirmed the students have completed.


According to the Guides I should be able to manually unlock the quiz from the moderate this quiz page.  This I have done.  Multiple students still report that the quizzes are locked to them even though I see that they are unlocked on the moderate page.  I have also tried adding extra attempts (even though original attempts are still available).  Students are still locked out.

This occurs on iphones, android phones, and windows 7 computers.


The above links go back to 2016 and 2015 - surely the fix for iphones reported in 2015 in the second link has been implemented?


Could someone please explain exactly what is supposed to happen with "add extra attempts" and "manually unlock a quiz"?  Neither seem to be doing what the Guides say, and I have read many different Guide pages on these subjects multiple times.  I have asked students to report this to Canvas and have put in a ticket myself, but no fix and we are still having this problem.      How do I let a student take a quiz that is passed due???  I need a simple way that works!  


One link above suggests differentiating students with individual due dates.  Do I really need to go in and differentiate multiple students and give them each a new and different due date?  Seems like a huge waste of time.



==> I will reread the Guides and once again try to find the answers myself, but I would like to know from an expert ...

==>Under what circumstances will "manually unlock a quiz" actually allow the student to take the quiz?

     Circumstances to consider ...     

          Due Date - passed or not

          Until Date - passed or not

          Attempts - used up or not

          Prerequisites - completed or not


My interpretation of the Guides on what is supposed to happen, and what is actually happening to my students, are not the same.  Help!