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Can students or committee members be assigned to multiple groups?

Question asked by Jeannine M. Moline on Sep 19, 2017
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    • Assigning students (committee members) to multiple groups
    • Is there a setting change that would allow Student A to belong to two or more groups?

We are currently using Canvas as a resource for our Academic Senate.  The Agenda, Minutes for Approval, Support Documents for discussion or voting items are all posted 72 hours or more in advance.  We can use polling or discussion to generate greater involvement (these are not used during the actual meeting due to Brown Act requirements in the State of CA).  We use ConferNow to allow access to the meeting across 85,000 sq mi service area.  Roll call and roll call votes are required due to Brown Act.

I would like to begin using groups to create an area for work done by our various sub-committees.  However, like most campuses, many faculty participate in more than one sub-committee.  I would like to add Faculty Member A to 3, B to 2, etc.  Is that possible?  This would allow a central location for communication, posting Agendas, Minutes, Budget information, and much more for our use (Agendas are posted in public locations to meet Brown Act).