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Dates and Concluding Courses

Discussion created by Kate Burkes on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by Susan Nugent

We are new to Canvas, setting up our system for a May 2018 launch, and struggling a bit related to end dates and concluding courses. We are coming from Blackboard, with Banner as our SIS. 


In Blackboard, we control student access to courses with start/end dates. We add +30 days to the course end date to allow students a few more days to see their grades and for any short-term allowance given by the instructor for special circumstances. Then at end-date+30 it cuts off completely to the student.  Faculty always have full access to the course for about a year after the end date until we remove it from the system entirely.


For Canvas, we are putting end date + 30 days for the section date, no date on the course, no date on the term.  My understanding is that by using the section end date, students will have 'view only' access to the course after that +30 date.  But faculty will continue to have full access to the course(?).


We have also been made aware that we need to conclude (complete) classes to get them off the Dashboard(?) and that concluding a course would allow faculty to view and copy from but not make substantial changes once concluded. We believe we can do this by running an SIS courses file thru the UI by hand with the status as 'completed'  -- does that sound correct?


All that to say this:  Is this the way other colleges handle ending/closing courses to student/faculty?  What are some other options?   pitfalls?  words of wisdom?   Thanks.