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Anyone else seeing black-colored hyperlinks while in the RCE?

Question asked by Ken Black Champion on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by Bill May

Perhaps I missed something on the latest Release Notes, though I double-checked things.  I started seeing this yesterday, and just got my first faculty email on it. On my campus, at least, while editing anything with a link in the RCE, what used to be a blue-colored hyperlink while editing it is now colored black.  Here is an example, with my cursor over the link so that you can see that Canvas does, indeed, treat this as a link with the familiar underlining:Editing a hyperlink in RCE

I know my aged memory is failing, but as I recall from doing numerous workshops even while editing something, once the link was created it turned blue.  Now, to be absolutely clear, it does turn blue, but only after the faculty member SAVES the page:

While this is hardly a show-stopper, it is annoying for faculty who want to make sure that their link was properly accepted while editing.  They were all used to seeing blue while editing, but that seems to have been removed now in the RCE.


So, before I make a polite inquiry to Canvas support, is anyone else seeing this behavior?