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Custom module menu on pages

Question asked by Hans Magnus Mikalsen Nedreberg on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2018 by Hans Magnus Mikalsen Nedreberg

Hello all!
I have two questions regarding creating custom menus on pages:

1) I've made a custom menu (html in the text editor, using custom css file) for the modules and the module´s pages to be displayed in a "right column" (which unfortunately is part of the regular page content as of now). I'm not sure if my malpractice insurance will cover this though. So I need to be able to create it more like you would write a WordPress menu/widget. How can this be done?


2) The module icons are designed to show the students' course progress. Button icons for modules not completed are "disabled", the current module is coloured, and icons for completed modules are styled accordingly. This partly works because the students are required to follow the linear course structure (complete module 1 before module 2 etc).
However, if students e.g. complete module 4, and return to module 1, I need to detect which modules are completed, and style menu icons accordingly. In this scenario, the buttons previously styled as "disabled" should be styled as "complete". I need some kind of logic to detect whether or not a module is completed. Any thoughts?

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