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Staffing Online Learning Support at Your Institution

Discussion created by Ryan Richards on Sep 20, 2017
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Greetings Canvas Community!

I'm revisiting my institution's approach to supporting online learning. As part of this, I'd love to hear how your institutions support online learning.


Here are some questions to guide your response:

  • INSTITUTION - What is your institution and how many students does it serve?
  • GOAL - What is your primary goal with Canvas?
  • ROLES - Who does what (roles, responsibilities, how many in each position)?


Me answers:

  • INSTITUTION - I am the Academic Director of Online Learning at CIEE, a study abroad provider that hosts 14,000 university students a year at 50+ study centers around the world.
  • GOAL - Our primary goal with Canvas is to elevate the quality of our in-person courses.
    • My position is based out of Academic Affairs and I'm the only full time online learning person within the division. I establish quality standards, reports on how study centers and instructors are performing, and training resources for admins and instructors to meet and exceed the standards. I also do a bit of instructional design.
    • Each of our study centers has a staff member who is responsible for overall academic quality, which includes being the study center's local Canvas Admin. Canvas Admins, in turn, support their instructors in teaching effectively with Canvas.


I'm eager to hear your thoughts! Many thanks!