Carl Johansson

Why can't Canvas come up with the simple re-grade feature we all need?

Discussion created by Carl Johansson on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by Kona Jones

We have all been there,  in reviewing the exam we see we may have worded a question ambiguously,  and may have mismarked or put in the wrong "correct" answer.   In Blackboard,  5 years ago,  it was a simple as -  make the corrections,  hit the regrade button,  scores for all students were checked,  any corrections needed were made, and students were notified of a grade change.   ONE BUTTON   INSTANTANIOUS!


and here is Canvas,  been working on this issue since at least 2015,  and so far can't seem to figure out how to get it done.  So they have now made it so i can edit the question,  and it apparently regrades each student,  but it does not update their scores in the gradebook,  instead  it reverts to the cute little Rocket Icon.  For that  new score to show up in the gradebook,  I have to go student by student -  in my case 250 individuals,  open each of their exams,  scroll to the bottom of their exams,  and click the update score button -  SUCCESS -  For one student -  now all I have to do is repeat those multiple steps another 249 times.


Seriously ,  are any of the developers at Canvas actually thinking about what is usefull and practical for their consumers?   I don't believe i should  have to spend a couple of hours clicking around and scrolling,  because someone at CANVAS can't figure out how to make  one of the most obvious,  most used Utilities of the whole grading program.  


Carl Johansson -  a very early adopter of Canvas,  now getting very disallusioned after repeated promises go unfullfilled!