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Turnitin assignment not showing up in CANVAS

Question asked by Megan Simpson on Sep 23, 2017
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Why does a student's assignment show up in Turnitin but not in CANVAS/speed grader when submitting an assignment to a CANVAS assignment with submission type set to "External tool" -- Turnitin?


I am not using Turnitin to grade or comment on student work; I am using a rubric I made in CANVAS and commenting on papers in speed grader/ croc-a-doc. 


Most submissions to the assignment produced double notifications to me via email ("Joe Student has submitted... "and then immediately after, "Joe Student has re-submitted..."). For all of these students, I am able to see a similarity report in the Turnitin window as well as access their paper in CANVAS's speed grader. 


For two students, the re-submission notification was absent. For both of these, their papers show up in the Turnitin window but NOT in CANVAS.  The CANVAS assignment says "no submission for this student."


I can't see what the submission process is for students since when using Turnitin, one can't access the assignment as Test Student. 


What's happening? Any ideas?