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Override Canvas scoring policy on Multiple Answers questions

Question asked by George Melvin on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by James Jones

I have created a quiz with a Multiple Answers question: there are 5 possible answers a student can choose from, 3 of the possible answers are correct. The question is worth 1 pt. So, each correct answer is contributes 1/3 and each incorrect answer contributes -1/3 to a student's score for this question.


Is it possible to override the Canvas policy of having an incorrect answer contribute negatively to the student's score for this question?


For example, if a student correctly chooses 2 correct answers and 1 incorrect answer they receive 1/3+1/3-1/3=1/3 for the question. I'd like for student's to receive 1/3+1/3 =2/3.