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For decaying average in mastery learning, are dates scores are entered used instead of due dates when calculating summative score?

Question asked by John Gerber on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by John Gerber

I just updated outcome scores as students submitted missing work.  I am using mastery based learning gradebook to keep student grades based upon mastery of course outcomes.  The final score on an each outcome is set to be calculated by a 65% decaying average.  Based upon the settings and other questions/posts, it appears my outcome scores are not calculating based upon the due dates of assignments which are aligned to each outcome.


Below is an image of some student scores and the issue I am seeing.   In the student data for this outcome, the last item - based upon due date -  is DW1 - Wk 05 Skill Check Common Elements Quiz #2 & Data Collection & Calculations.  [2nd item in list in image]   If due date is used , the summative outcome score should be  (.65*4.5)+(.35*5) = 4.68   as 4.5 is last score and average on all other scores is a 5


Sample data


Here is what appears to be  happening  (.65*5)+(.35*4.88)  = 4.96   as 5 is last score entered and average on all other scores is a 4.88   The scores for ICW1 - LAB - Data Collection & Calculations Day 02 - Al & Zn Calculations [the first line in the image above] were the most recent to be entered [due to students making up work].  


I thought scores were to be 'ordered' for decaying average based upon due date and not date entered.   Has anyone else encountered this issue?