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How can a late-adding student be allowed to view the recorded Conference of my orientation session?

Question asked by Maryann May-Pumphrey on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2019 by Steven Miller

I have two related issues concerning my use of a Canvas Conference for my online orientation session. Both involve the recording I made of the Conference under the assumption that ALL students would somehow be able to view it later. Here are the issues:


1. Students who add the course after the orientation occurred. The orientation was Monday evening, 09/25. The deadline for adding the class is still 1.5 weeks away! I don't see any way in which I can give access to the recording to those late-adding students, who badly need to see it.


2. I invited all of the students to the Conference Sunday evening, 09/24. For reasons I do not understand, my college added some more students Monday morning. One of these had registered for the course a month earlier, so it makes no sense to me that so many students were in the course as of Sunday evening even though (at least) one who should have been there was not. Regardless, I now have a situation in which not all of the early-registered students in my course can view the recording either!


To summarize! Two categories of my students cannot view my recorded Conference that served as my course orientation session. Is there some way to invite students to a recorded Conference after it has been held? (If not, there really should be!)