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With Redirect tool, can you hide the Redirect button shown temporarily after clicking an item in the Course Navigation menu?

Question asked by Alina Nevins on Sep 29, 2017

This blue Redirect button annoyingly shows up for a second after clicking a redirect link added to the Course Navigation menu. I have tried to hide it with CSS and JS but haven't been successful. Has anyone had any luck doing this?


Here is the HTML from Inspector:


The source for the button's style is definitely within the Redirect tool itself, but I can't figure out how to overwrite it (by making the button background white, or hiding the div it's in). Any suggestions?


Here is what I tried:



combinations of this

a.pure-button a.pure-button-primary { display:none; }

and this

.pure-button-primary, .pure-button-selected, a.pure-button-primary, a.pure-button-selected { background-color: #fff; }



document.getElementsByClassName('pure-g')[0].style.visibility = 'hidden';

but I got an error about 'style', and this

var redirButt = document.getElementsByClassName('pure-g'), i;
for (var i = 0; i < redirButt.length; i ++) {
redirButt[i].style.display = 'none';


Thanks for any tips/help you might be able to provide!