Jess Shteyman

Term 3/Term 4 rollover for the Year 11/12s in APAC

Discussion created by Jess Shteyman Employee on Sep 28, 2017

Many Australian K12 schools are faced with the scenario when Term 3 ends and Term 4 begins, and the Year 11s start their Year 12 coursework before the end of the academic year. Below are two different suggested solutions for managing your courses if your school follows this academic year structure:


  • Years K-10 follow the traditional 4-Term yearly cycle
  • Year 11 starts Term 1 and ends Term 3 of the same year
  • Year 12 starts Term 4 this year and ends Term 3 next year


To begin this discussion, I thought I'd start by sharing a couple of suggested solutions on how to manage this little quirk unique to our region. By carefully considering these recommendations, you should have the information you need to take the right actions for your institution. Of course, these are just suggestions and you may have your own way of doing this - if you do, please share in the comments below!


If you have questions, add them to the comments below or reach out to your Client Success Manager.



Solution 1: Use Canvas Terms to Rearrange Existing Courses

  1. Firstly, we need to make sure that the courses that the Year 11s and Year 12s will be enroled in already exist.
  2. Create two new terms (in addition to the SIS created academic year) - 20XX_yr11 & 20XX_yr12
    1. 20XX_yr11 = ends at T3
    2. 20XX_yr12 = starts at T3
  3. Manually move (i.e. via a non “integration” csv SIS import) the existing courses to these new terms
  4. You may need to run the CSV import each time the SIS updates Canvas (This can be skipped if the initial run is processed as a UI change)



  • Enrolments are managed dynamically as usual
  • Minimal manual ‘tinkering’
  • One-off operation


  • Yr 12 courses need to exist in Timetable/SIS dataset
  • Advanced knowledge of Canvas Terms and SIS imports required



Solution 2: Manual creation of Year 12 courses

The second solution is to manually create and populate Year 12 courses with the academic year in the name i.e. 20XX



  • No input from SIS data


  • Users may be enrolled in Year 11 and Year 12 course
  • All manual work
  • No means of automatically managing user enrolments