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What happened to Downloads of BigBlueButton Videos?

Question asked by Pat Fellows on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Karen Tinsley-Kim

I am working with a faculty member who is using Conferences to deliver lectures to his students. He connects both an external mic. and document camera to his computer.  He shares the document camera with the students and then also does screen sharing to show Excel. (he does not use a webcam) The students can participate in the live "Conference" or watch the archive later.  He records the session and the students can watch live or watch the archive in Conferences. 


When the professor taught the course in Winter 2017, he was able to expand the recording to full screen, click on the download button, and download the video.  He and his students could see the document camera segments and the screen sharing segments in the downloaded video. 


This week he started teaching the same course, using the same tools, BigBlueButton, a document camera, screen sharing, etc.   For his students who cannot see the archive from the first class, because they were not enrolled in the course the first day of class and thus not invited to the BigBlue conference that day, he downloaded the video.  The change from Winter is that the screen sharing portion of the video is no longer showing in the downloaded video. He can hear himself talking about Excel, but can't see that portion of the recording. On the archived version of the recording in BigBlue/"Conference", the screen sharing of Excel is visible. 


What changed from Winter 2017 to prevent the rendering of a complete video when downloading it?  Since BigBlue does not allow inviting those students to view the archive, the students cannot view this important course content.