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How does PeerMark handle system-assigned reviews?

Question asked by Amanda Roberts on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by Amanda Roberts

We have an instructor that used Turnitin's PeerMark to assign peer reviews for her students. The strange behavior we noticed is that while the instructor has set "Allow students without a paper to review?" to "No," two students who have not submitted (or even accessed this assignment within the course) appear in the "Distribution" tab. PeerMark is displaying that they have 1 system-assigned paper for them to review.


We plan to raise a ticket with Turnitin's support to see if they can provide further information, but we wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this unintended behavior or knows what may have caused it. The instructor caught the error late and now that the assignment is active, it appears we are unable to alter the review distribution. Any information is appreciated.