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HTML Closed Captioning

Question asked by Bruce ServiceAccount Drummond on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Bruce ServiceAccount Drummond

The closed caption feature using pages in Canvas works seamlessly with a .vtt transcript. 


However due to special considerations for users I'm using HTML pages to present content and provide interactivity in a short self paced tutorial.  So far all of the html5 examples I've found use .js which makes them non-starters in Canvas.  I have found one example but it appears to only work in FireFox:


    <video id="video1" controls autoplay>
      <source src="Hidden Bias.mp4"  >
      <track id='track1' label='English captions' src="BIAScaptions.vtt" kind='subtitles' srclang='en' default >   


But it is a bit buggy in the way it displays.


Is there a solution for adding closed captions strictly using html without JavaScript in Canvas (not using Pages in Canvas)?