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Speed Grader

Question asked by Eva Goldstein-Meola on Sep 30, 2017
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Hello - 


I have attended the LIVE TRAININGS for SPEEDGRADER as well as watched the video in VIDEO GUIDES.

I need some additional help to make sure I am using SPEEDGRADER correctly.


My homework assignments are set up to allow to use either Canvas' work processor or uploads to CANVAS.


When I go in, typically the assignment is found in SPEEDGRADER.


1. Why are some assignments showing up in SPEEDGRADER while others don’t?

   a. Can you tell me which ones transfer over and which ones don’t?

2. I evaluate in the speedgrader leaving comments.

3. If a student submits it via TEXT and canvas – it won’t allow me to use SPEEDGRADER so I download this and evaluate in WORD and send back as an attachment.

4. Some students aren’t seeing ANY COMMENTS when I send back while others are… why?


We are a private consortium and a lot of the parents are a bit frustrated with the changes this year.   I can’t afford to piss parents off now – and some are getting in my face regarding this.  I just need to know what I am doing wrong so I can help them.


I truly need a 15 minute Skype/screenshare with someone to figure this out.