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Use of Canvas for Non-SIS Courses

Discussion created by Kim Vincent-Layton on Oct 2, 2017
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Sylvia: Use of Canvas for non-SIS courses

"Non-SIS" courses means courses that are not part of your official curriculum (not on your course schedule). 

  1. How does your campus handle or approve requests?
  2. What type of workload does this add?
  3. What are some of the uses for the courses? For example, profession development and student clubs.
  4. Do you have people enroll via the open enrollment option or does the Canvas admin load enrollment for them?
  5. How is help support handles? Both for training, questions, and tech support?
  6. Are these courses reviewed for quality, Accessibility, copyright?
  7. Tracking: Who keeps track of these courses, the requests, usage, support time? 
  8. What type of naming conventions do you use to distinguish these courses from others? SIS ID, separate subaccount or term?
  9. How do you handle adding users that aren’t in your SIS?


Kim: Just a quick search on campuses who have something in place for non-SIS/course related courses:

Course Shell for Non-Course Related Content | Distance Education 

Canvas Non-Course Related Sites | UO Libraries