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Communicating with Student Groups as an Instructor

Question asked by Nancy Latimer on May 26, 2015
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Our high school band teachers (2) want to use Canvas to communicate with students using announcements, discussions and conversations; they also want to store files and use the calendar. They need the communication to be as follows:


1) With ALL of the band students at once, where the information is relevant to EVERYONE.

2) With each of the 3 types of bands individually - Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble.  In this case, certain announcements, etc., are only relevant to certain bands.


Since there are many students, I set up a "course" called "High School Bands" and used self-enrollment.  My initial plan was to use sections, but it turns out that students are not able to self-enroll in sections.  So I then created 3 groups instead, one for each of the above "sub-bands."   The plan was to have them self-enroll and then join the appropriate group.


I set myself up as a teacher for the "High School Bands" course to test this, but do not seem to be able to communicate only with the sub-bands.  For example, if I try to send them a message using the Inbox, the "Groups" do not come up.  Since I am a teacher, I don't seem to have a way to join each of these groups.  I can go to the Groups from the "People" page and then "Visit the group page." But if I then try to send an announcement, for example, the announcement goes to EVERYONE, not just the sub-band.


It seems to me that a teacher would also have to be a student-member of each group to make this work?  Can anyone help me with this or perhaps suggest a workaround?


Thank you so much!


Nancy Latimer

Mountain Lakes High School

New Jersey