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"Missing" Pages in Pages List

Question asked by Joseph Kwashnak on May 26, 2015
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I know that when you open up Pages and get the list of pages, it displays only some of the pages and then as you scroll down it refreshes to show the entire list. But on a couple of occasions I've had pages omitted from the list (temporarily).  In one case I added new pages that would appear at the bottom of the list alphabetically, but they did not show up. The pages were there (I created another page with the same name and the system appended a number after the page (i.e: Week 1-2, adding on the -2).  I left the class, came back and went to pages again and suddenly I could see all of my pages.


On another occasion, I had attempted importing some content from another course, and then did not need this content, so I wanted to remove the pages. I went to the page list, and walked through to delete the unneeded pages from the other course. As I looked for these pages, several of them did not appear on the list (they happened to start with the letters N, O, P, R, and my list went from "Learning" to "Summer" without the pages in between which is why I noticed it). After deleting some other pages, I hit the "Show All Pages" button again to get the refreshed list and suddenly these pages reappeared.


Is this a "bug" in the system? Is there a proper place to submit a bug report?  It was incidental, but noticed, and not reproducible reliably so I didn't want to bother tech support.


Thank you.