Excel + Canvas Teacher App + Quiz = No Annotation?

Discussion created by cgaudreau on Oct 3, 2017
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Good afternoon, fellow CMUGers!


tl;dr Can you annotate .xlsx files if they are uploaded to a quiz in the Canvas Teacher app?


A faculty member came to my office this morning with a question I was not able to address, and was hoping that posting it here may generate some insight:


He is unable to annotate on a highly edited .xlsx file that was uploaded to a quiz question. While I was able to annotate an .xlsx in a test course as a regular assignment, my question (for which I could not find many resources) is two-fold:

  • Can you annotate .xlsx files as quiz uploads as opposed to regular assignments?
  • If the .xlsx involves multiple rows and columns with a ton of edits (for example; formulas, conditional highlighting), does that break the DocViewer annotation options?


I'll keep looking into it, but hoping by posting it here someone may have some insights.