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Federated Attributes

Question asked by Lisa D Stickdorn on Oct 2, 2017
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We have Just-In-Time provisioning turned on in our production instance. At present, we have sis_user_id checked in "provisioning only."

If a new user logs into (with JIT provisioning) BEFORE our SIS uploads happen (containing this new user), would the sis_user_id be updated if it is checked in "Provisioning Only" in the federated attributes?

We seem to have a recurring problem that if a user logs in with JIT provisioning, and the account is created, and then the sis uploads occurs with the new user account info, we end up with 2 user accounts: One without the sis_user_id, (created byt the JIT provisioning) and another with the sis_user_id (created by the sis upload.) How can we prevent this from happening?

Hope I am making sense, here.

Thanks, Lisa