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Reading series that uploads to Canvas?  Textbook adoption coming soon!

Question asked by TONYA MERCER Expert on Oct 6, 2017

Are there any reading series that easily plug into Canvas?  I have spent a lot of time uploading quizzes manually from our current reading series.  By that, I mean typing them all in myself so that I can get them to sync to skyward after auto-grading.  I know next year that almost every school in our state will be looking at adopting a new reading series.  Are there any reading series that will easily allow their content to be uploaded into Canvas?  It would be awesome if tests they have already created didn't need to be retyped.  I can use Think-Central with Journeys (our current reading series) and it will grade but then I have to manually add to skyward plus they have to go to their site.  If there is a series that plays well with Canvas, that would be a great plus and would get my vote for adoption.