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Can I assign and notifiy instructors of moderation tasks?

Question asked by Carmen Windsor on Oct 4, 2017
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I know that I can select individual students for moderation purposes, but is there a way to randomly assign assignments for moderation to instructors, and notify instructors that their moderation tasks are ready for marking?


For context, let's say I have a course with 500 students on it and 10 instructors.  All instructors grade assignments. I need to have 10% of assignments randomly assigned to a second instructor for double marking and/or moderation.


I don't want to have to go through and select 50 students (in Canvas), make a note of their names (in Excel), make a note of the instructor that has already marked them, then notify (email) different instructors of the names of the students they're going to moderate, then chase sending reminder emails to get their second marking done by x date.


It's just not a very good workflow, using at least 3 different apps when it could be as easy as doing it all within Canvas and I'm wondering if Canvas already allows for this.


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