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Grading Compositions for Remedial Students

Discussion created by Paige Case on Oct 4, 2017
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I am the lead teacher for Intermediate English, and I must confess that I am completely thrown off by the loss of Crocodoc.  I had developed a marking style that was perfect for my feedback purposes, and I have had to revert to old-school track changes method in Word because I simply do not see an effective way to provide feedback in the new document viewer.  In short, SpeedGrader is less than speedy for me.


I have a plethora of concerns, but my primary concern is that annotations do not show up when I select "Download annotated PDF."  I have even called technical support about this problem, and the person to whom I spoke was perplexed by the inability to see annotations, too.  I require students to use my printed feedback for revisions.  That is why I had to return to giving feedback within the Word document.


1.  I apologize if this concern has been addressed elsewhere.  I am new to this community site, and I could not easily find any information on my specific issues.  2.  I welcome feedback on anything that I have said.  If anyone is truly comfortable with the new system, I welcome tips.  Right now, I am not seeing the benefit of a switch

, and I do not have time to figure it all out with mounds of grading in my inbox.