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Quiz points v. assignment value

Question asked by Teeka James on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2018 by Teeka James

I gave a quiz and I want to use a rubric to score it. I figured that out, and it works great. I also want the rubric to populate the grade book. So far so good.


However, based on the criteria for the quiz, it makes sense for the quiz to have 24 possible points, but I don't want to have the quiz worth 24 points in the assignment group. What's my workaround?


In my spreadsheet-like, individual grade book (that I used to use), I could have an assignment have a maximum number of points but be worth a different number of points in the grade book. For example, a ten-point quiz could be scored as x/10 but be calculated as that percentage out of 12 points, or 2 points, or 250 points. As far as I can figure out, in Canvas, if I want to use the rubric and have that go straight to the grade book, I'd have to make each criteria on my rubric worth fractions of points, or I'd have to put the assignment in a separate assignment group. 


Any ideas? (I hope I explained this clearly enough.)

---Teeka James