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Notifications to Students

Question asked by Kate Burkes on Oct 6, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2018 by E Howard Green

We are new to Canvas.  I have faculty asking for a simple list of what external notifications their students will get from Canvas -- external meaning 'by email or by text'.  My faculty are concerned that they will be kicking off emails or texts to their students every time they touch something in the class.  We have each student's college email populated in the system, and they can add a cell number if they wish to.


Let's say a student does not change anything under their notifications, i.e. everything is kept on defaults.  My understating is that the following instructor actions will result in students getting something in their email or by text (again, assuming student never touches their notification settings):

  • A due date is changed
  • An announcement is posted
  • A new grade is posted
  • There are new discussions postings
  • Instructor sends a new message to student/s from the Inbox.
  • If the instructor checks the 'notify students this has changed' box on some kinds of content.


Are there other things that need to be on this list?  I would welcome information to avoid surprises.  Thanks.