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Muting/Unmuting Workarounds?

Question asked by Lisa Needham on Oct 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Margaret Kline

Hi. I teach at a school that has multiple sections of a course, but the course must remain a single course for purposes of grading at the end of the semester. I've gotten around that problem by assigning some specific sections so that my adjuncts go directly to their group of students. This has created a different problem for me, however. Our adjuncts grade things at different times, and those grades should go back to the students as soon as they're completed. However, with the muting/unmuting feature configured as it is, we can't roll out grades section by section. I know Canvas has indicated they don't plan to offer student-by-student unmuting, but I definitely need a workaround. Can anyone tell me if it will work to do it this way:

  • Leave assignments un-muted
  • Tell professors to grade the rubric and put inline comments on each paper
  • Tell professors to hit Save to save inline comments and rubric.
    • In an ideal world, this would mean students still couldn't see anything, including inline comments, at this juncture and it would still just show as locked for grading.
  • Tell professors when they've graded their section in full to go back and enter a final comment and hit Submit on each assignment so they all go back at the same time. 

I'm open to any other workaround, but I've got to find a way that students can get their grades faster rather than waiting for a course-wide unmute. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.