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Hiding Assignments from Syllabus Page

Question asked by cesbrandt on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2016 by Julie Bradley

To clarify what I'm asking, I'll explain the situation.


The university I work for is in the process of transitioning to Canvas. We have a standing policy that participation is graded on a weekly basis and is considered separate from any actual assignments. Accomplishing this is easy, just create an extra assignment in each module for the participation. However, we received feedback that having those participation assignments listed in the Syllabus page was undesired. Do a bit of research, I found that the assignments could be hidden from student view in the syllabus by simply hiding them. I then discovered this also prevents grading of the assignments. My next test was to grade the assignments and then re-hide them. This seemed promising when I pulled up the student view and saw "Grades (1)", but entering the gradebook I found the assignment was hidden from there and that the value assigned had no impact of the calculated grade. Checking the instructor gradebook, I found the same result.


So, the question is fairly straightforward: Is it possible to hide an assignment from student view (specifically the Syllabus page) without hindering it's ability to be graded and to hold a weight in the gradebook?