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How to you access students group work?

Question asked by Gary Young on Oct 12, 2017
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I am sorry to report my frustration in using Canvas.

I created two assignments--or at least I thought I did. I explained what I wanted students to do, 

I created groups for my students, and I assigned them their groups and requested them to work together.

Subsequently, my students told me that they UPLOADED their work. I believe them. However, I cannot view ANY of the work that they submitted. There does not seem to be any link, and signal, any indicator that there is work ready for me to review.

I can tell that students were online by the online metrics.  But where is their work?

This system is so ponderous. I have no idea what I am doing, and this is after reviewing so many of the instructional files and videos.

I confess that I am totally lost. Further, it is very frustrating NOT TO BE ABLE to see the work my students have done for my class.

Does anyone have any clue?

Thank you.

Gary Young##