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Clarification on how/when to adjust Attendance points

Question asked by Kona Jones Champion on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by awilliams

I've been having a conversation with Gail Schultz about attendance and specifically:


  • Can the points/percentages be changed/edited after attendance is set up, the course is published and attendance has been taken?
  • If points/percentages can be changed, how is this accomplished?


My answer to this was yes, feel free to change the total number of points and/or how it is graded (or in many cases, not graded). Go to the Assignment page, click on Roll Call Attendance and change as needed. I stated this because I have faculty contact me all the time - well into the semester - confused about how Roll Call Attendance works and we go in and tweak it as needed and haven't run into any problems.


Yet, based on How is Roll Call Attendance graded in Canvas? it seems that, "Before taking attendance, please ensure your desired point value is correct. By default, Roll Call Attendance is listed as an assignment worth 100 points. If you want to edit the point value, you must make changes before you start to take attendance, otherwise attendance will not calculate correctly in the Gradebook.


The issue with this is that as far as I'm aware to get Roll Call Attendance to show up in my Assignment list - and available to change the points - I have to publish the course and then start taking attendance. Courses that are published and have the Assignment link active (not hidden) on their course list to NOT automatically get Roll Call. I tested this on a number of courses and when the instructor is not using Attendance (even if the course is published and the attendance link is active) Roll Call Attendance does not show up in the Assignment list.


Can anyone else verify this or shed some light on how/when to adjust Attendance points?