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Question asked by Steve Acree on Oct 12, 2017
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Hello, can someone give me clear, step by step instructions about how a student gets a draft for peer review, and how they interact with it.  My students are having a great deal of trouble, and since I don't have student status I can't go through the process with them.  Here's what I understand:


When I assign peer reviews, each student receives a draft, and I think this draft appears on their dashboard as an assignment. After that, I'm lost.


I want the students to open the actual draft and interact with it using "Track Changes," etc. There's also a questionnaire (a Word document) that they need to download, fill out, and return to their colleague.


So, they have to return the actual edited paper and the the questionnaire to their colleague. How do they do that?


How does their colleague retrieve the peer review material?


Once they've accomplished their part, how do I access those new files, so I can see that they've done the work?


Yes, I've read the guides on this, but they're so dense (at least to my mind) as to approach uselessness.


All I need is a step-by-step instruction sheet:  "First do this; then do that,"  etc., etc.




Steve Acree