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Are HTML tags possible when composing a message with Inbox?

Question asked by Michael Sult on Oct 13, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2017 by Michael Sult

I'm responding to a student's question from the Inbox of my Music class.  I need to provide music graphics to my response but I couldn't find a way to get into HTML mode.  So I responded to the notice of the message I received via my email (it said I could respond to that message or come to Canvas and respond)  Since I can write in HTML mode with my email, I responded there but when I came to Canvas I saw that all of my graphic were missing from the message.  I'm not sure if the student received the version with graphic via regular email (they haven't responded yet to my inquiry regarding that).


My question:  Does the inbox allow HTML tags while composing a message? 

If so how to I enable the HTML mode?

If not, what is my best method for responding privately to students via Canvas with HTML tags enabled?


Mike Sult